I believe an examined mind and body can perform at higher levels by analyzing the meta data of our daily lives.

The documentation of our sleeping, eating, exercising, play and work can help us understand how we spend our time in order to become more productive, healthy, and focused individuals. The analysis of our life’s data can be used to understand how we can make better decisions and take steps toward positive actions.

The data should not prove our lack of achievements rather, improve and refine the processes we adopt to reach our goals. Broad and general declarations such as “I want to earn my PhD” or “I want to start a business” require a multitude of actions. While big goals can be an end result, we can set ourselves up for failure if we do not understand how we are going to accomplish these lofty goals and dreams.

I’ve documented many projects in my life and mapped out plans of action that have resulted in wondrous feats. However, I’ve also attempted and abandoned many other dreams. Over the past year, I have grown increasingly aware of my health and nutrition as well as mental stamina and focus. In order to better understand myself, I need to plan and analyze the steps I need to take to perform at optimum levels.

I will share with you my processes. I welcome comments and feedback on my data and would like to hear how you document and analyze your daily life.