I am always experimenting with new ways to track – everything. Here I will share some daily and rather mundane tasks that I break into chunks using simple tools, mainly Google docs or Open Docs. Feel free to copy and use for yourself. Let me know how they work for you.


Kids Room Mark as done Bathroom Mark as done Kitchen Mark as done
A/J Remove all old shoes and put in goodwill bag Clean the sink Wash the microwave
A/J Remove all old clothes and put in goodwill bag Clean the toilet Wipe down stove and oven
A/J Anything you want to sell – put in sale box Shake out the rug Clean out coffee pot
A/J Hang up all clothes from dresser into closet Clean the floor Remove old food from fridge
A/J Put all dirty clothes in hamper Wipe down top cupboards
A Go through desk and remove all garbage Wipe down bottom cupboards
J Remove all garbage from top of dresser Wipe down fridge
A/J Clean out bookbags – throw away garbage Wash dishes
J Sweep floor Mop the floor
A Mop floor Wipe down sink
A/J Make beds
Laundry Living Room Dining Room
JP Mom
Wash and Dry Dust Shelves Clean the table
Hang up clothes Sweep the floor Sweep the floor
Socks/underwear in drawers Mop the floor Mop the floor
Socks/underwear in drawers